Terms and Services

Patient Assistance 123 and its employees are aware of the HIPPA regulations and it is our duty to uphold them on behalf of our clients for confidentiality purposes. Our services also require that we keep up to date information on our clients. If any of our information appears to be inaccurate, we will contact our customers to rectify the situation. Our duty also extends to our disclosure protocol. We will never disclose your personal information including your medical records to anyone without your prior consent. We also do not sell nor share your information with third party organizations that are not a part of the prescription assistance service.

The information we obtain is primarily used to assist us in managing your involvement in our service as well as the patient assistance program that provides the medications for you. Our use and disclosure of your information includes but is not limited to your physician, pharmacist, or any pharmaceutical manufacturer that provides your prescription. We may use your information in speaking with your physician or any representatives working on their behalf or representatives of pharmaceutical companies in order to follow up on the status of your application. We take industry standard measures in protecting your information and ensuring that it is securely stored. You may cancel the services you receive from Patient Assistance 123 at any time.

The requirements for a proper termination of service include submitting in writing your name, address, telephone number, and last four of social. You may cancel the service within the first 14 days of your enrollment with no cancellation fee. This writing can be submitted either electronically, via email, fax or by way of mail. To be effective for the current billing cycle, the cancellation must be received at least 14 days before scheduled billing date. If the request is not received in that time frame, the request may not be processed until the following cycle.

The termination releases both your duty to pay and the duty of Patient Assistance 123 LLC to continue their services of maintaining my enrollment in a Prescription Assistance Program. To ensure that you’re satisfied with our services, any inquiries regarding this policy may be directed to our representatives who are available Monday through Friday. I also understand that this agreement may be cancelled due to inability to process payment because of insufficient fund. Upon receiving a denial for payment, Patient Assistance 123 LLC will make a reasonable effort to contact me in order to inform issues of payment but they are not required to process my applications unless alternative methods of payment are reached. Also, Patient Assistance 123 LLC does not approve nor deny applications for the prescription assistance programs. We also do not nor grant medical advice.

We are a company that provides our clients with a service of facilitating the application process for the patient assistance program offered from manufacturing pharmaceutical companies